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Online buying and selling is continuing to grow greatly from the past 10 years. The share investor should utilize a broker to key in the investment requests.

Vulpes Stock by Sharpshot Sid

Last year, with stock markets around the world becoming increasingly unstable, I decided it was time to invest more money in the Asian Emerging Markets stock I have invested in for several years. As a small-time investor, but one who lives in an emerging market, Thailand, I know as well as anyone why investing in Asian emerging market stocks could be a good strategy. If you're considering investing in an Asian emerging market stock, here are several reasons why it could be a good idea for you too.

Asia is Booming - I've lived in Asia for almost seven years and can tell you, from first-hand experience, Asia is set to take over the world. I live in Thailand but travel often to Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. All of these countries, plus Vietnam, China, Japan and other Asian countries are going to be booming in the next few years. With Asia accounting for more than 60% of the world's population, and most of those people in China, it only stands to reason countries like the US, the UK and Germany, eventually won't be able to keep up.

Technology in Asia Is Far Ahead of the US - Asians are spending billions of dollars a year on technology and they're inventing much of it too. In Thailand, things like computers and mobile phones are months if not years ahead of the US. When I'm in the US and look at mobile phone shops, it's amazing to me how limited the options are when it comes to buying a phone. In Asia, we get top-of-the-line, innovative electronics as soon as they hit the market, and this is often months before they arrive in America.

Diversification - If you invest in US stocks, you are betting on the economy of just one country. By investing in Asian emerging markets stocks, you have your investment spread out over several companies. Diversification, just by its nature, makes this type of investing much less risky than simply buying stocks in America, especially as the US economy is still extremely shaky.

Asia Will Rise and America Will Fall - Every economist knows this is true. While Americans still believe the US will keep its world-dominance intact, unfortunately, it's simply not reality. As Asia's influence and power increases, so will its economic strength and, therefore, so will Asian emerging market stocks. Simple really. Money will start to move out of America and into Asia, because that's where the best investment opportunities will be and that will also affect America's influence and economic strength.

Good Stock Values - Buying many American stocks now is simply too expensive. Stocks are still overvalued in many cases, and many investors simply can't afford to buy in. Asia, on the other hand, has tons of emerging stock opportunities, with some extremely attractive investment opportunities for hardly any money. Think of Microsoft 20 years ago. They started somewhere and so are the millions of Asian companies that are now on stock markets all over Asia.

US Dollar Not Being Dominant Currency - Many world currencies are tied to the US dollar, so their values go up and down depending on what the US dollar is doing. That's likely to change and could change as fast as this year. When the dollar is no longer the world's dominant currency, another country will step in and, according to many economists, it's very likely to be the Chinese yuan. Plus, China is cash-rich, while the US is in debt. So China will keep buying physical assets in a move to use them as a type of currency - working against the US dollar.

These, and many other reasons, are why more and more investment specialists are now saying Asia is where the best investment opportunities are. Just be careful, if you decide to invest in Asian emerging stock, that you thoroughly vet the investment firm you go through and also the stocks or mutual fund you decide upon.

SOURCES: Money Morning - China seeks to dethrone the dollar, transforming the yuan into the dominant global currency

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Anonymous releases how-to instructions on fooling facial - RT

Here's a predicament: you don't want the government using high-tech face scanning technology to track every inch of your walk to the post office, but you also don't want to take a sledgehammer to your neighborhood ...

Anonymous releases how-to instructions on fooling facial - RT

Hover bike: Star Wars technology brought to life (VIDEO) — RT

A hover bike resembling the ones from 'Return of the Jedi' has been developed by a US firm, bringing science fiction to life.

Hover bike: Star Wars technology brought to life (VIDEO) — RT

Why Topic Pages Haven&#39;t Worked For <b>News</b> Websites Yet

Yesterday we outlined why topic pages are becoming increasingly popular on the Web, as a way to organize social or news content. As daily consumers of such content, we're used to the chronological (and often real-time) ordering of updates ...

Why Topic Pages Haven&#39;t Worked For <b>News</b> Websites Yet

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How to make simple the house Wheelchair accessible. Nicely the vital thing to ascertain will be the level that you will possess.

Ramps by Harris Graber

Is there such a thing as boat ramp etiquette? Of course there is, and most boaters are aware of it. But, as in all aspects of life, there are some people who need to be reminded that they need to practice common courtesy. These boaters should be aware of there surroundings and avoid becoming a "boat ramp hog" which can lead to "ramp rage".

Proper boating etiquette is generally responsible for the boater in question spending as little time on the ramp as possible. By establishing a routine that is followed each time the boater takes his/her boat out, this boating etiquette can become second nature. This routine has three phases, they are pre-launch, launch and loading.

The pre-launch phase of boating ramp etiquette involves preparing the boat for launch. This phase occurs before the boat is backed down the ramp. During this phase, the boater should remove all the tie-downs on the boat, but the winch line should not be removed yet, all the equipment that is in the boaters vehicle should be transferred to the boat and the boater should put the boat's drain plug in. The boater should also prime the fuel by pumping the fuel bulb, place the key in the ignition and check the battery (which could be done at the boater's home or where ever the boat is stored). The trailer lights should be unplugged from the tow vehicle if they are not waterproof and sealed. If there is more than one person enjoying this boating trip, every one except for the tow vehicle driver should get in the boat, or at least one other person so they can drive the boat once it has been launched. If only one person will be enjoying this boating trip, then they can attach the boat line to the trailer or vehicle to keep it from drifting away from the boater until they can get to it.

After the pre-launch phase has been completed, the boater can back their boat down the ramp to the water, stopping just before the entry to the water and then unhook the winch line from the boat. Waiting until the entry to the water can keep the boat from unloading before it is time to, which could be in the middle of the ramp. If this were to happen the boater may be the victim of "ramp rage". The boater should also check to make sure that they did indeed undo the tie downs that keep the boat on the trailer. After the boat has been launched and disconnected from the tow vehicle, move it to the courtesy dock and immediately move the tow vehicle. Also, boaters should not stay at the courtesy dock any longer than absolutely necessary if there are other boaters using the ramp to load or unload their boats. If there is a person in the boat who can drive it, they can move it away from the dock until the other person is finished parking the tow vehicle, then the boat can be returned to the courtesy dock to pick up the person who has just parked the tow vehicle.

The last phase of boat ramp etiquette is loading the boat back on the boat trailer. Considering that most boaters are tired from their day in the sun, they can have short tempers and this is not the time to hog the boat ramp. Boaters loading their boat should simply back their tow vehicle with the boat trailer down the ramp, load the boat, hook the winch line on the boat and drive the tow vehicle back up the ramp to the parking lot. Only after they are off the boat ramp should the boater unload their boat, pull the drain plug and properly tie down their boat.

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To-Do List: Assange Addresses US; Tony Scott Dies - The New Yorker

To read: Jonathan Chait writes in New York about liberal news, media, and Hollywood: Two decades ago, conservative anger against popular culture burned so intensely that it seemed at the time that Hollywood had come to ...

To-Do List: Assange Addresses US; Tony Scott Dies - The New Yorker

The Sun says: Fuel scandal | The Sun |<b>News</b>|Sun Says

EXORBITANT fuel prices damage firms and cripple household budgets. But too often we aim our rage at the wrong target. Oil giants cop the flak. Even petrol station staff get it in the neck. The real villains are the Treasury — for ...

The Sun says: Fuel scandal | The Sun |<b>News</b>|Sun Says

Consolidated Media Expects <b>News</b> Corp Deal To Close In Six Weeks

Don Groves is a Deadline contributor based in Sydney News Corp.'s move to acquire James Packer's Consolidated Media Holdings is nearing completion.

Consolidated Media Expects <b>News</b> Corp Deal To Close In Six Weeks

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Stocks together with minimal price/book proportions or maybe price/earnings proportions. In times past, worth stocks and shares possess enjoyed higher common results as compared to expansion stocks (shares having large price/book as well as P/E quotients) in a range of nations

The Stock Market Crash @ The Conservatory by Joseph Russell

Teaching kids about the stock market can be a real challenge. It is usually pretty difficult for parents to understand, so getting kids to understand it can be even more difficult. For those who homeschool, it may be easier to come up with a project that will help your child to better understand.

For this project you will first need to do a bit of research. When planning out your lesson plan you will want to get some monopoly money together to use with your project. You will also need to get your local newspaper that has a financial section that you can use for the project. Take the financial section of the paper and hang it up on a bulletin board. You will also want to do a bit of online research to find plenty of worksheets. You can visit websites like Here you will find some educational worksheets that will help you introduce the topic to the stock market.

When you have finished all of your research you will want to first go over the lesson with your child. Next you will give your child at least $100 to invest in a particular stock. Look through the financial section of the paper and have them pick out a stock that seems interesting to them. You can then have them give you the monopoly money for the number of stock that they want to purchase.

Basically, you the teacher, will be the investor working for your child. Each day you can check the particular stock to see if they have gained anything or loss anything. Have your child create a chart to show how the market has grown and how it has gown down. Since the stock market deals with points it should be very easy to track. This can be an ongoing project. At the end of each days lesson you can have them update the graph. At the end of a few weeks you can have them sell the stock and then they can be paid with the monopoly money for each point that it has grown. Remember that you can change this project to whatever will help your child to better understand how the entire process works. The key is to make the project as fun as possible so try to be creative with this project. What is really nice is that you can start and restart this project as much as you want.

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US war on whistleblowers must end - Assange (VIDEO) — RT

Julian Assange has made his first public appearance in the two months since he took refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

US war on whistleblowers must end - Assange (VIDEO) — RT

Nicki Minaj Joins Mariah Carey as New American Idol Judge <b>...</b>

A source tells Us the &quot;Starships&quot; rapper &quot;is definitely&quot; joining the FOX singing competition.

Nicki Minaj Joins Mariah Carey as New American Idol Judge <b>...</b>

Local <b>news</b> sites form new trade association : CJR

Next month, at the annual Block by Block conference for local news sites, around 100 independent publishers will celebrate the launch of a new nonprofit trade group that will offer support for the growing hyperlocal news ...

Local <b>news</b> sites form new trade association : CJR

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What is a the particular Stock trading game? It is a structured process where by anybody along with all people can certainly both invest in or maybe market his or her shares or even gives you

Chpt6-SecC: How To Understand the Newspaper Stock Section by palynp

One of the handiest skills that I learned from obtaining an accounting degree is to properly read a corporate financial statement. This article will help you to better understand why it is important to learn to read a financial statement. This skill can come in very handy if you would like to begin investing in stocks. In fact, reading a financial statement is extremely important if you want to invest in stocks.

To the untrained eye, a financial statement can seem very complicated and overwhelming. The first step to understanding a financial statement is to understand the numerous ratios, which can be used to interpret the financial health of a company. Each ratio has a specific purpose and is derived by dividing a defined set of numbers by another set of numbers.

The purpose behind the deciphering a financial statement is twofold. The first purpose is to compare the company's current performance compared to its previous performance. Also, deciphering the financial statement is useful in comparing companies of different sizes. A large company on paper can look much more impressive compared to the smaller company. However, once some calculations and ratios are compared, the smaller company may actually be a better investment.

Using ratios will help to negate the effect of the larger sales revenue or net income a larger company would probably have. In other words, a security company which had $6 billion in sales, at first glance, may look more impressive than a smaller company that only had $3 million in sales. However, digging deeper by using ratios, you may determine the smaller company is in better financial health than the larger company.

You probably won't find a large amount of ratios calculated for you in financial reports. In fact, a company which has publicly traded stocks is required by the SEC to disclose only one ratio. That ratio is known as the earnings per share ratio, also known as the EPS. Privately owned companies, generally speaking, do not have to disclose any type of ratio in their financial statements.

It's important to realize that ratios should only be used as a guide. There are good for indicating a company's current financial health. However, they shouldn't be relied on as a sole source of information, to make an investment decision with.

An extremely telling ratio about how profitable a company is, is the gross margin ratio. This ratio is calculated by dividing the gross margin by the sales revenue. The bad news is, no company includes margin information in any form of documentation outside the company. Margin figures for company are proprietary. This information is withheld to protect it from the competition.

One handy ratio, you can use to calculate the bottom line of the company, is the profit ratio. This ratio will show you how much net income was earned per $100 of revenue obtained. The standard percentage through most industries is 5% to 10%. Within extremely competitive industries, a profit ratio of 1% is an uncommon. A good example of this would be grocery store chains.











UPDATE: Three dead during shootout near Texas A&amp;M as constable <b>...</b>

Update at 2:51 p.m.: Sgt. Jason James, spokesman for the Bryan Police Department, confirms to The News: Three were killed during today's shooting, including, as mentioned below, Brazos County Constable Brian ...

UPDATE: Three dead during shootout near Texas A&amp;M as constable <b>...</b>

The Sun says: Triumphant | The Sun |<b>News</b>|Sun Says

IT ended as it began: as a celebration of Britain at its best. The flames of the London 2012 Olympic cauldron were extinguished after two weeks which will burn brightly for ever in our history. Can it really be over? If you're ...

The Sun says: Triumphant | The Sun |<b>News</b>|Sun Says

Big Gay <b>News</b>: Ice Cream Cookbook, Salty Pimp Cupcake -- Grub <b>...</b>

Lots shaking with the gayest frozen desserts in town.

Big Gay <b>News</b>: Ice Cream Cookbook, Salty Pimp Cupcake -- Grub <b>...</b>

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Understanding The particular Inventory Option Buying and selling System

stock trading pro system course video by stock trading course

Everyone is looking for opportunities to make more money and build multiple income streams to have passive income in this era of economic instability and period of job insecurity due to mass retrenchments.Hence, a lot of work from home schemes for housewives, internet marketing as well as affiliate programs become hot and popular avenues for people to seek passive income.

I believe that one of the potential business that could drive passive income is stock trading. Stock trading has the various characteristic of a flexible home business and could potentially be a lucrative business.

The few characteristic of stock trading :

(a) Flexible Work Time - Well, it is not really flexible literally although you do have much flexibility than most work. If you are a day trader, you still have to trade during the trading hours when the exchanges is open to make your income, but you do have the flexibility of working from home in this internet age where electronic trading is popular.

(b)Low Capital Investment - Most people believe that you need a lot of capital to start a trading business. However, if you delve into the details, you will find that you actually do not need a lot of capitals for trading. Trading is not investment. The primary difference is the time frame. In trading, you want to make the most percentage gain for your capital in the shortest time to limit exposure to market. Investment takes a longer time horizon to achieve the gains and generally, the investor should not be monitoring the equities on a day to day basis. The idea of investment is to let your money make money. For trading, the trader have to make money with money so considerable time and effort is needed to monitor short term trades.

Take an example :

A trader with capital of $10,000 trades to gain monthly 10% on his capital by making multiple short term trades in a month. In 12 months, the trader will have more than double his original capital.( of course, the trader must have some skill levels to maintain consistent profits.)

An investor may look at gaining 10-20% by investing $10,000 in a quality stock for 12 months and reap the returns. The investor don need to actively enter the market for profits.

(c)Low Entry Barrier - The trader need to pick up the skills of trading as well as a small capital for trading. There are many programs in the market that teach trading. The person just need to have the interest and willingness to invest time to learn trading to gain consistent and moderate returns.

Stock trading can further be divided into short, mid and long term. All three time frame require different strategy and skill levels to achieve income as well as wealth.

Stock Trading as a business is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. The person need to build up the proper skills to trade over time to deliver consistent income. But the most important of all is the right mindset to manage emotions during trading as well as the skills of risk management.
I believe that stock trading can definitely be part of a wealth strategy to deliver a stream of passive income.

Visit our website stocktradezone to know more about trading techniques as well as weekly stock call discussion.

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Safety Helpful Hints For Repairing Home Appliances Appliance Repair Expertise For Your Any Appliances

Appliances Repair in VA by kattyjamez

You are sure you are facing repairing your pond liner. Before you panic, make absolutely sure it is a leaking liner and not another problem that is causing your water level to drop. Check your waterfall, check your hoses, check your spitters. Turn your pump off, fill up your pond. Watch it overnight. Did the level drop? If so, you probably have a hole in your liner.

The first thing you must do is find that leak in the liner. If you can see it, skip the next section.

Fixing the leak

If you can see the leak, you have an easy job. Assuming your liner is rubber or EPDM and most are, you can patch it just like a tire. You can buy a patch online and while you are at it, buy a roll of patching material, because whatever caused that liner to leak will most likely do it again.

45 mil rubber liners rarely leak spontaneously. Something causes it. It could be raccoon toenails, doggie toenails, a falling tree branch, or maybe a piece of statuary with a sharp end fell and penetrated the liner. No matter the cause of that liner leak, repairing it, while not always a clean and easy job, it can be done by anyone with a bit of effort.

Make sure the liner surrounding the hole is clean and dry. I scrub the liner with the same scrubber you would use for dishes, just make sure there is no soap in it. After scrubbing it clean, rinse it and let it dry. If you are in a hurry, use a hair dryer, but be careful you are connected to a GFI before you use any electrical appliance around water. When the area is clean and dry, apply the patch according to the directions on the package. Your work is done. Fill the pond back up with water. Don't forget the dechlorinator.

Finding the leak

Finding a liner leak can be one of the most frustrating jobs on earth. The liner is black, usually dirty and wrinkled. The leak should be right at the water line because water can't leak out below that. Or can it? Here in New Orleans, our water table is only inches below the ground, so often there can be a hole in the bottom of the liner, but ground water pushes the bottom of the liner so a leak could well be on the bottom and ground water is seeping in the pond.

Pour some milk in the pond. If the water is leaking fast, the milk will make a trail to the leak. But if the water is leaking that fast, you have a huge tear and you can probably see it.

Pour some fine sand in the water. The sand will follow the water to the leak, but as above, if the tear is that big, you should need no help finding it.

Sometimes you cannot find the leak no matter how hard you search. I have resorted to this method as a last resort. Pump the pond water out. Remove all fish, plants, pots, lights, etc. Using a wet vac, vacuum the bottom to be sure all the fish waste, leaves, and other organic matter is gone. Rinse and wet vac again. Make sure the bottom is dry even if you have to wait several hours or get that hair dryer out again. When you are positive it is dry, stick a garden hose under the liner and turn on the water. Watch the liner carefully. Soon you should be able to see water coming up from underneath. You have found your leak. Dry it again and patch with patching material. Replace all pots, plants, fish, lights and refill the pond with water.

It's a good thing rubber liners rarely leak.

Leaks in concrete ponds

If your concrete pond is leaking, there is only one relatively cheap way to fix it. Because concrete is brittle and our ground is always moving, concrete is freezing and thawing, concrete is one of the hardest materials to repair. Clean out the crack and use Plumber's Epoxy to patch it. If that doesn't work, call a professional. If the professional tells you he can patch your concrete and guarantee it, doubt it. Doubt it a lot.

In all my years of pond building, I have never seen a serious concrete crack patched so it will hold water for more than a few weeks. Get your contractors guarantee in writing, get his home phone, his cell phone, his address and his Landscape Contractor's license number. Getting his insurance certificate can't hurt either.

If your pond is built from recycled swimming pool liner or PVC or visqueen and it has a leak, you must start over again with another liner. Same with pre formed hard liners. Once they crack, they cannot be repaired.

Luckily ponds rarely leak. But if yours does, you are now prepared.

DNA Hints At African Cousin To Humans - Science <b>News</b>

Gene profiles suggest people interbred with a now-extinct species on the continent not that long ago.

DNA Hints At African Cousin To Humans - Science <b>News</b>

The Daily Lays Off a Third of Its Staff - AllThingsD

News Corp. officials have publicly defended The Daily, which News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch thought would serve as a template for newspapers' transition to the tablet era. Murdoch's team worked closely with Apple and its ...

The Daily Lays Off a Third of Its Staff - AllThingsD

Crossroads GPS: &quot;<b>News</b>&quot; - YouTube

Tell President Obama: for real job growth, stop spending and cut the debt.

Crossroads GPS: &quot;<b>News</b>&quot; - YouTube